Only pay 0,50 EUR + 7% fee per unit sold





let us handle your warehousing needs



we integrate with most online shop systems

we integrate with popular online marketplaces

your Customer's order process-flow




Seller (ONLY)


– You have your inventory 


– You manage your customer’s

order processing & delivery

(Pick, Pack, Ship, Return)  


– You only sell on our platform 


Our Price

0,50 EUR per unit sold

+ 7% fee

(price excl. VAT)




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Fulfillment (ONLY)


– We integrate your online shop system or Marketplace

– We store your inventory

– We manage your customer’s

order processing & delivery

(Pick, Pack, Ship, Return)  


– We provide product insurance



Our Price


9 EUR per month per pallet  

2 EUR per month per box


Order processing:

 1,50 EUR per pick per pack

0,30 EUR per additional pick

per item in same package


Cardboard box

 from 0,39 EUR (small) 


Goods-In-Take (stocking)

 25 EUR per hour per pallet


(all price excl. VAT)




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Seller & Fulfillment 





Include services in Fulfillment





Our Price

Seller price + Fulfillment price




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Vendor FAQs


We offer you the cheapest means to sell your products online and reach more customers across the EU in addition to providing a professional fulfillment service. Our goal is to ensure your customers get the maximum satisfaction from your business.

Yes, in this case your product inventory needs to be in our warehouse, then we can integrate your online marketplace with our system and receive real time orders for fulfillment.

Product range

Non-food product categories are currently open for sellers/fulfillments.

The following products/category cannot be sold/fulfilled on our platform:

  • Medical Equipments
  • Weapons
  • Hazardous and Dangerous Items
  • Drugs and its Supplements
  • Tobacco & Tobacco related
  • Alcohol
  • Sex, pornography and Sensuality contents

Please inform us ahead of the products you intend to sell/fulfill before registering on our platform so we can inform you the possibility of selling/fulfilling such product.


For your products to be accepted in our warehouse it must have the following:

  • Scannable Barcodes (UPC, EAN, QR)
  • Valid Product Expiring Date (if applicable)
  • If your products don’t have barcodes, we can provide a solution.


Our platform is open to business owners, manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, employees, students and anyone involved dropshipping looking for a fulfillment service or selling platform.

Yes. We only accept sellers registered within the EU.

Yes. We only accept valid VAT registered companies within the EU.

Business registration (Gewerbeschein) and VAT registration document.

Your documents will be verified and your contract sent to you by email. Please read, sign and return the signed copy to us.   

Approximately 3 to 5 working days after verification.

Seller’s Shop Page

Yes, we made the set up documentation guide easy so anyone can follow along and get started. 

Yes, but its advisable not to give your seller account login details to anyone. Its important you know how to navigate through your seller dashboard as product addition, editing, creation of coupons etc. are done on your dashboard.

Yes, only customers who purchased from a seller can give ratings to that seller.

Each seller have full control of their products life cycle, creation, editing, updating, publishing etc. The seller can add from simple products to grouped products. The user-friendly dashboard also gives the seller full insight into their sales, earnings, and other analytical reports. 

No, every product added by a seller must be approved by us before publishing on the main shop page. This is to make sure the product meets our requirements.

Two payments method are available for withdrawal, a seller must choose one of the methods below when setting up their seller account:

  1. Bank Transfer (Transfer Fee: 0.39€)
  2. Paypal (Transfer Fee: 2.49% + 0.35€)



It depends on the seller account;

For fulfilment seller accounts we handle all the workload involved in order processing (pick, pack, ship and returns), this is only possible because the seller’s products are in our warehouse. 

For seller (only) accounts, the retailer handles all the workload involved in order processing (pick, pack, ship and returns), this is because the retailer only sell their products on our web page and manage their own product inventory.

No, we are only responsible for your products after they have arrived in our warehouse.

Goods Insurance 

Yes, all products in our warehouse are insured in the event of fire, damage etc.